what is marmosa™?

Marmosa™ is a synthetic stone product made by Arlington Marble Inc. and is used in vanity, tub/shower, and backsplash applications.  It features great looks and low maintenance and is more cost effective than natural stone and synthetic quartz.  Marmosa™ offers many features and benefits that outperform tile in critical applications for showers, tub surrounds, and back splashes.  

Similar in construction to synthetic quartz products, Marmosa™ is made with high-technology resins that are blended with ground stone. After pigments and dyes are added to achieve color and veining, the mixture is cast into a mold.  With Marmosa™, there is no ongoing post treatment required because it is a sealed surface product, sealed with the same durable, transparent gel used in demanding fiberglass applications for boats and other marine uses. This provides a strong, beautiful, lasting product that resists stains, chips, and etching.  Marmosa™ comes in two finishes, high gloss and also a satin finish.  Walls and backsplashes come in multiple textures, smooth, subway tile and slate-tile.

Marmosa™ vs. tile

An average 36’ x 60” x 82” tile shower has over 272 linear feet of grout lines and seams.  These are potential penetration points for water to leak if a seam or grout line is ever compromised.  Our Marmosa™ shower wall and base system can reduce the number of seams on a typical 12” x 12” tile shower by 6-fold and provides a beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain shower that can be customized in color and texture to your preference.