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Style and selection

A Marmosa™ shower by Arlington Marble will add elegance and beauty to your bathroom, as well as functionality for your specific needs.  At no additional cost, we will customize the dimensions of the base, walls, seat, shelves, niches and mosaic tile bands to fit your taste and budget. 

 Base Dimensions:  Your project is not constrained by a pre-determined base dimension, because each shower base is made to fit your project needs, with no added time and no extra costs.

 Wall Options:  Shower walls are available in lengths up to 109” tall in smooth and matted finish as well as subway tile texture.  Slate texture walls can be made taller, provided that they can be safely carried and installed into the shower stall. 


Subway Tile Texture

Add the look of subway tile to your shower without the worry of grout lines failing in the future. Subway tile texture is available in every color we make can add a beautiful accent to your shower or

Marmosa™ vs. tile?

An average 36’ x 60” x 82” tile shower has over 272 linear feet of grout lines and seams.  These are potential penetration points for water to leak if a seam or grout line is ever compromised.  Our Marmosa™ shower wall and base system can reduce the number of seams on a typical 12” x 12” tile shower by 6-fold and provides a beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain shower that can be customized in color and texture to your preference. 

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Vanities,Sinks & Countertops profiles

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Granite, Natural Stone & Quartz vanities

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Marmosa™ vanitieS SINKS

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Marmosa™ tubs, tub trim and tub surround

Marmosa™ Tub Trim Options include: Smooth & Textured (subway tile and slate tile) ¾” thick splashes and full height tub-surround walls for tub/shower combinations.  Steps, risers, skirts and tub caps for all tub shapes and dimensions are available.

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